Get Ride Of Initial Screen On CentOS 7


Through kickstart I setup everything I need.

On CentOS 7 I still get the "welcome" screen followed by a couple more then your ready to start using CentOS

how do I get Rid of those series of screens ?



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1. CESA-2015:1197 Moderate CentOS 5 openssl Security Update (Johnny Hughes) 2. CEBA-2015:1205 CentOS 6 cluster BugFix Update (Johnny Hughes)


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Dual-booting <- Installing Cents Os Server 7.0


Chris Murphy wrote:

In that case, wouldn't it be more precise to say: CentOS-7 doesn't support dual boot if you are using LVM? It seems to me to work reasonably well with ext4. Does it work with LVM if you have a separate ext4 /boot partition?

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An Mdadm Question


CentOS 7.

I have a server with four drives. 1 is /, and the other three are in RAID5. I need to pull a drive, so I can test whether the server can read > 2TB drives. I've been googling, but don't want to screw the server up....

I think I'd like to 1. stop the RAID 2. pull a drive 3. put in a large drive, and run parted, and mkfs 4. pull the large drive 5. replace the RAID drive 6. fire up the RAID.

So, can I do it in that order? Do I need to fail something?


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CEBA-2015:1205 CentOS 6 Cluster BugFix Update


CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisory 2015:1205

Upstream details at :

The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently syncing to the mirrors: ( sha256sum Filename )

i386: 90ef0a84184a3857346cc2b4693509e5d91d5bb0a9acda7cd4904fd14aade523 clusterlib- 24a565af8a5f95f74ce5e361db082cfd583507446ba2915772e2f54ce5ef16a2 clusterlib-devel- 0649fb13b74635527b1bbdfeb34dadf4198d6886397b38f9605b38cd85e5f8a2 cman- dab56b4f6957e8a1136e735d1b3f271555c04adb61dbca496c50393277d13529 gfs2-utils-

x86_64: 90ef0a84184a3857346cc2b4693509e5d91d5bb0a9acda7cd4904fd14aade523 clusterlib- 06cd9d2f96a961d1c67f89ced86925224b636d2371a5ea75b2ab9fd7afb78f98 clusterlib- 24a565af8a5f95f74ce5e361db082cfd583507446ba2915772e2f54ce5ef16a2 clusterlib-devel- ea72d89d426bc921d34d650b69c07673558dea746d6de0f11785729fba7c398f clusterlib-devel- 9bc8ecb5f0a5daf0a1dd7890612395a905576b922b1820baee4213a4614557d0 cman- fcf679b864fb47c769c2a735197f853164aec04d5a968efbb23efa567f9d1698 gfs2-utils-

Source: 13e2a6f640e75705771785dd7248eb66bb3dd039df0eb3ea462df0497e65968d cluster-

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CESA-2015:1197 Moderate CentOS 5 Openssl Security Update


CentOS Errata and Security Advisory 2015:1197 Moderate

Upstream details at :

The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently syncing to the mirrors: ( sha256sum Filename )

i386: 8b8c609255b3fc78e8a8227dfcf456fc6fad6ee44402b00741d66eb7a7c91b02 openssl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.i386.rpm 61f39339bba2e5d56667ccf56d5209e48dc3bce26b45d1b0d043ae5a5f4cd96c openssl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.i686.rpm 00f5e3d2df2c933bbc7d49df3a0496212963eae0923ea1a8ab78c698bd67ab30 openssl-devel-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.i386.rpm 6e76fd11355d47b0ba0afc79f8cfe97fea5ec3434dc4ec0a75d426fd2a1f3d09 openssl-perl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.i386.rpm

x86_64: 61f39339bba2e5d56667ccf56d5209e48dc3bce26b45d1b0d043ae5a5f4cd96c openssl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.i686.rpm 9f922500d3726e5e910e3291bd6ababbd82df79b9b504f654e8711e3922d24a7 openssl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.x86_64.rpm 00f5e3d2df2c933bbc7d49df3a0496212963eae0923ea1a8ab78c698bd67ab30 openssl-devel-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.i386.rpm be2e32d534efa94c2be0077f4cd9fcb4923f4cf1c5f34002ad865ea28e127f6a openssl-devel-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.x86_64.rpm 949a68f470e7baaa9385c6a5b6efbab45762e8693a2258e2b5cf2a755fadfc16 openssl-perl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.x86_64.rpm

Source: d3fd488129138efbffee4176587436a22c10e54950bc274f1fd894dc355adf55 openssl-0.9.8e-36.el5_11.src.rpm

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We have recently been asked to evaluate some computing machinery for a new project. This particular end user has very limited experience with the stated security requirements in a lights-out environment. Their primary work (as well as mine) in the past has been with very small, simple networks of desktop machines and a few servers with extremely limited access.  For the most part, their admins haverefused to use any maintenance connectivity to servers other thanthe primary serial ports. There is a concern about system security primarily driven by recent information searches performed by end user admins and included below. IPMI/BMC…

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