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I've been working on some systems trying to get kerberized nfsv4 and kerberized web services going on 7. Kerberized nfsv4 was working with 7.0, but with the 7.1 release it stopped working, the key difference between the two setups is that gssproxy wasn't being used with 7.0, but seems to be key with 7.1.

The problem I am encountering with Kerberized NFSv4 is that the directory will mount okay, and I can see it's contents as root, but I encounter "Permission denied" errors when trying to access it as a regular user. 'klist -ce' returns valid results as the user (including…

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User 'not Listed' On Login Screen



I installed CentOS 7 (KDE), I also created a user 'postgres' the postgres user does not show up as a user on the login screen.

How can I make this user show up on the login screen? I've googled it with no luck

Thanks in advance

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Qemu 2.x On CentOS 7?


Is there any way to get the latest Qemu to run on CentOS 7? I'm looking for a way to create backup snapshots, but the current install says:

[root@vhost1 ~]# virsh snapshot-create-as myvm snapshot1 "snapshot1 description" error: Operation not supported: live disk snapshot not supported with this QEMU binary

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CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 124, Issue 17


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Today's Topics:

1. CEBA-2015:1192 CentOS 7 openssl BugFix Update (Johnny Hughes) 2. CESA-2015:1194 Moderate CentOS 6 PostgreSQL Security Update (Johnny Hughes) 3. CESA-2015:1193 Moderate CentOS 7 xerces-c Security Update (Johnny Hughes) 4. CESA-2015:1194 Moderate CentOS 7 PostgreSQL Security Update (Johnny Hughes)


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CPAN Issues


Hello List,

Running CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core), and trying to update CPAN from version 1.98 to version 2.10, but it fails.

t/97-process_setup_options.t .. ok t/97-return_values.t .......... 6/10 # Failed test 'blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Prereq::Fails' # at t/97-return_values.t line 49. # got: '2' # expected: '1'

# Failed test 'blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Make::Fails' # at t/97-return_values.t line 49. # got: '2' # expected: '1' t/97-return_values.t .......... 8/10 # Failed test 'blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Test::Fails' # at t/97-return_values.t line 49. # got: '2' # expected: '1' t/97-return_values.t .......... 9/10 # Failed test 'blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Unsupported::OS' # at t/97-return_values.t line 49. #…

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Windows 10 Tech Preview Build 10130


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone managed to install Windows 10 tech preview build 10130 as a KVM on a CentOS 6 host? I'm having problems that I haven't been able to get past.

I can get the CD to boot and the install process to begin, but Windows keeps complaining about missing drivers. I've unsuccessfully tried the VirtIO ISOs from the Fedora project. The images I tried were:

virtio-win-0.1-100.iso virtio-win-0.1.105.iso virtio-win-0.1.96.iso

I have two IDE CD-ROMs attached which appears to be working fine (otherwise the installer wouldn't start and I wouldn't be able to traverse the VirtIO ISO). The NIC was an e1000, but I…

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Set Up Login.defs But Password Still Not Expire?


We have CentOS 5.8 on LInux server.I setup /etc/login.defs following: PASS_MAX_DAYS   3 PASS_MIN_DAYS   0 PASS_MIN_LEN    8 PASS_WARN_AGE   1 after that I chack user password policy and it show:# chage -l user1 Last password change                                    : Jun 29, 2015 Password expires                                        : never Password inactive                                       : never Account expires                                         : never Minimum number of days between password change          : 0 Maximum number of days between password change          : 99999 Number of days of warning before password expires       : 7 anyone know why?   I did reboot server still same.

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CentOS 6 Gcc Is A Bit Old


gcc (GCC) 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-11) is a bit old. There have been major changes since then. I'd like a newer version.

If I have to, I expect that I can install from source. I'd rather not.

Is there a CentOS 6-compatible repository from which I can get a newer version? Does a standard CentOS 7 repository have a newer version? Does a CentOS 7-compatible repository have a newer version?

It's my understanding that to compile from source, I will need to keep the gcc I have. Otherwise I would have nothing to compile the source. I expect that providing the right…

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Tar CentOS Installation And Transfer It To New Server


Current Installation: CentOS 7.1503 with SerNet Samba 4 ver. 4.1.17 configured as Active Directory Domain Controller. Current Installation: HP Workstation with dual Xeon quadcore cpu's and 4 x SATA hard drives NOT configured in RAID array.

New Installation: CentOS 7.1503 minimal install New Installation: SuperMicro with single Xeon quadcore cpu and 4 x SATA hard drives configured in two pairs of RAID 1.

The Current Install is about 3.5 GB's and has my Samba 4 setup all solid and working well. I want to know if it's possible to simply:

- tar up the whole root partition - put it on a USB…

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Libvirt 1.2.15 And Kernel 3.18.12 RPMs Pushed To The Xen4


I have signed and pushed the libvirt-1.2.15-3 and kenel-3.18.12-11 RPMs into the xen4 repository for CentOS-6.6. These have been in virt6-testing for a few months now with no negative reports.

They should be available on in 30 or so minutes and externally as those mirrors update themselves against mirror.

Thanks, Johnny Hughes

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