We have recently been asked to evaluate some computing machinery for a new project. This particular end user has very limited experience with the stated security requirements in a lights-out environment. Their primary work (as well as mine) in the past has been with very small, simple networks of desktop machines and a few servers with extremely limited access.  For the most part, their admins haverefused to use any maintenance connectivity to servers other thanthe primary serial ports. There is a concern about system security primarily driven by recent information searches performed by end user admins and included below. IPMI/BMC…

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Problems With Samba-based Home-Directory


Hi folks,

I'm running CentOS 6.6 on my workstation. There I have a user meikel, and its home directory /home/meikel ist stored on a samba share on a server which also runs CentOS 6.6.

In the very beginning I added the mount options for that home directory into the /etc/fstab file which led to some problems, so I set up autofs for mounting the home directory.

The autofs seems to work for /home/meikel, but sometimes when I login at the GUI, I get error messages which look a little as if the home dir isn't available, I then also don't get my desktop…

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What Causes Phantom Update Nags?


My Update Applet keeps giving me messages to install an update to a package I do not have installed. To make matters more confusing, when I actually try to install the package it wants to update, there is a problem with the installation.

Any tips on how to resolve this? Is this somehow caused by the repositories I have enabled?

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USB Stick Query


I have a working CentOS-7 machine. I want to install grub2 on a USB stick (without altering my present system in any way) so that I can boot the present system from the USB stick.

Could some kind (and expert) soul explain precisely what to do.

If it were possible to boot other systems on the computer as well that would be an added bonus.

I did google for this, but all the sites I saw wanted to do more than I am asking. I also tried "sudo grub2-install /dev/sdb" but for some reason this did not do the trick.

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Nfs Problems Lately ?


Hi! Did anyone encountered problems with nfs after the latest updates? I started to have problems like nfsvers=3 no longer working in fstab or messages like : RPC: Program not registered

Thanks! Adrian

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Hi guys

I'm Danilo Falcão (fcon), a Sys Admin from Brazil and living in Germany. Recently I have joined Fedora QA & Infrastructure and now the CentOS project to work with Lokesh (lsm5) building RPMS for Docker and related packages.

In the past years I've been working a lot with Virtualization (XEN and KVM mostly) and since Docker appeared I became a big fan of it.

I'm also a Bash scripter and a Python Fabric lover.

If there's anything I can help you guys with, just holla at me @ Freenode or drop an e-mail :)

Cheers, Danilo

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Gssproxy Items...



I've been working on some systems trying to get kerberized nfsv4 and kerberized web services going on 7. Kerberized nfsv4 was working with 7.0, but with the 7.1 release it stopped working, the key difference between the two setups is that gssproxy wasn't being used with 7.0, but seems to be key with 7.1.

The problem I am encountering with Kerberized NFSv4 is that the directory will mount okay, and I can see it's contents as root, but I encounter "Permission denied" errors when trying to access it as a regular user. 'klist -ce' returns valid results as the user (including…

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User 'not Listed' On Login Screen



I installed CentOS 7 (KDE), I also created a user 'postgres' the postgres user does not show up as a user on the login screen.

How can I make this user show up on the login screen? I've googled it with no luck

Thanks in advance

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