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The CentOS images in the docker index have been bumped to 20150102. Additionally there are numbering scheme improvements requested by the community.

====1. All updates through 20150101 applied to rolling builds

===========1. Minor version tags – 5.11, 6.6, and 7.0.1406
These builds are built from install media only. They do not contain updates and will not be updated as part of the rolling/monthly builds. They are meant for use by those with specific vendor versioning requirements. Users are responsible for ensuring that the images are updated as needed via a ‘yum update -y’ in their Dockerfiles or other method.

2. Short names
Users can now use short names to identify specific docker image tags. For example: CentOS:6 in place of CentOS:CentOS6. Both names are now valid and point to the same images.

Additional Information
=====================For detailed information or to see the code differences used in building the images, please see