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Hi all,

I am trying to configure wlan0 interface to use it with kvm guests. I
know that I need to use ebtables statements due to it is not possible to link wlan0 interface with a bridge.

I have followed Debian’s tutorial:
without luck.

Someone have tried?? I am using CentOS 7 fully patched.


One thought on - Bridging Wireless Interface For KVM Guests

  • I haven’t tried bridging WiFi to Ethernet interfaces in a general purpose Linux distro like CentOS.

    Instead, use an inexpensive WiFi AP in client mode to connect to the main WLAN. On the Ethernet side connect it to the KVM Ethernet LAN. Used units go for under $10-15 on portals like eBay and more importantly the network infra is up in under 20 mins. I would suggest this option unless your interest is to learn how things work.

    Alternate method — openWRT (suggested in another thread of yours) to do stuff like this (and save a lot of experimentation time). You can run openWRT in a guest VM with 2 interfaces; one Ethernet LAN
    (connected via bridge on the host) and one WiFi WLAN (usb or pci pass through).

    — Arun Khan