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Does any one know of a how to for creating raid 1 + LVMs during install for Centos 6? Do I create the physical LVM first and then raid or vise versa? Its seems diff then doing it for Centos 5.

– aurf

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  • The way I did it was one drive at a time.

    I did two, one for boot, the second was the OS

    add a raid partition, did it for each drive, then make a raid device and
    select all both drives, /boot for mount point

    added a raid partition for each drive, then when you make the raid
    device select physical volume as the file system type and both raid
    partitions you made for the OS.

    then you hit create again and select volume group, select the raid
    device you want to play with.
    you add mount points, these are your logical volumes…
    etc etc etc….

    you cannot clone like you did in centos 5, so you must make the raid
    devices on each drive….a lot of deselecting and repetition….

    to add a slave, you need to go through the motions, then edit your
    physical volume raid device….it will then allow you to make one a
    spare…until then the spare selection is greyed out…

    hope this helps.