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We are going to run a public test cycle for the CentOS AMI’s that we publish as the official ones. This test will run for 1 week, ending on the 4th May, when we will do the formal release.

Request: please dont use these AMI’s for production, please dont use these AMI past the 4th of May. For all change and fix requests, either post to this list and we will attempt to get things turned around super quick, or find either Tru or me in #CentOS-devel or #CentOS-virt on irc.freenode.net. Our nicknames are tru_tru and z00dax respectively.

These AMI’s exist in us-east1 for now. Please keep them there. For release, we will have the images in the MarketPlace, as we did for 6.3. But we will also publish the AMI’s in every region ( including sydney! )
and make sure the ID’s are well documented, additionally, we will publish the raw backing files, so people can take these images to on-premise or non AWS resources as well.

Once we have reasonalbe confidence in the images, I will convert them into EBS backed as well :

ami-ede18284 CentOS-6.4/x86_64 Base OS AMI
ami-43cfac2a CentOS-6.4/x86_64 Base OS + Updates/20130427 AMI
ami-b5c8abdc CentOS-6.4/i386 Base OS AMI
ami-d9ceadb0 CentOS-6.4/i386 Base OS + Updates/20130427 AMI

Note: These AMI’s have only been tested via a single instantiation, and ssh login + logout. The distro tests for these ami’s are currently running, and I will report succes / fails to the list as a followup.

Also, worth noting : while building the i386/updates image; about 90% of all instantiations failed with a xen/pae kernel error. I’m not sure why the aki, in this case aki-b6aa75df, seems to get confused about the disk hosted kernel type. If anyone else also sees this, let me know. for now, I’m writing this off as a flaky something.

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  • I’ve done some new images today – and am testing those overnight, will publish RC grade images in the day tomorrow. The image files backing the AMI’s will also be made available in a few different formats.


  • Hi,

    Here are the AMI’s that we would like to push

    CentOS-6 (updated to 2013-05-27 )
    x86_64: ami-8d83e8e4
    x86_64-EBS: ami-8f9af1e6
    i386: ami-6782e90e i386-EBS: ami-7599f21c

    CentOS-6.4 ( GA / Release Media )
    x86_64: ami-4182e928
    x86_64-EBS: ami-d79bf0be i386: ami-2b82e942
    i386-EBS: ami-2f9af146

    CentOS-6.3 ( GA / Release Media )
    x86_64: ami-0982e960
    x86_64-EBS: ami-bb9af1d2
    i386: ami-ed82e984
    i386-EBS: ami-f99af190

    Still working on testing these : if anyone wants to pitch in – email me offlist at kbsingh _at_ CentOS.org and let me have your amazon account id, I will share these ami’s with you directly.


  • Hi Karanbir,

    while I’m not using CentOS 5 personally, I know of organization using CentOS 5 images. If the effort is not huge, I would say it may be worthwhile to offer CentOS 5 for a little while.

    cheers graziano