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I’m new to this list, but I noticed a post from March 30th inquiring about the build scripts for the official CentOS7 AMIs. I’m also interested in this; I’m tasked with (unfortunately) spinning up some VMs in our corporate VMWare environment that are “as close as possible” to the official CentOS7
AMIs. I could attempt to reverse-engineer them and figure out all of the packages and settings, but it would be much easier if we could get access to the build scripts. I’ve searched as much as I know how to, and while I’ve found some related tooling for Docker and other services (i.e. on the CentOS GitHub account), I can’t seem to find anything related to the AMIs. I know I looked into this a while ago for CentOS6, and was told that the 7
stuff would be made public. Does anyone have a pointer to it, or could someone at least post the kickstart and/or other relevant information?

Thanks, Jason Antman

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  • Yes… we currently use Packer to achieve a repeatable build process, from scratch. We’d like to replicate that and be able to build from scratch without spinning up an EC2 instance, in an automated way.

    I don’t know how to phrase this, so apologies if it comes across wrong, I
    have immense respect for you personally and for CentOS… but, is it really that difficult to post the kickstarts and/or build scripts somewhere? Or at least enough of them to replicate something similar?

    Thanks, Jason

  • I highly recommend actually looking at the images :)

    its just a minimal install with cloud-init from extras/ added in ( for
    7, the 6 ones dont have cloud-init ).

    the installed content delivered from the minimal.iso and the ami’s should be identical in pretty much every respect. If you really want a kickstart for it, I can build one, but just run a minimal.iso install, add cloud-init to the %packages and bob’s your uncle.

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    Ok, thanks so much! That’ll do fine. The only other bits mentioned on http://wiki.CentOS.org/Cloud/AWS in “Image Builder Notes” were the random root password, SELinux enabled, and relabel at first boot, which are easy enough.

    Thanks so much,


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