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Hi, I see that for EL6 gwd already has pushed a libvirtd package with version 1.2.10[1]. I got request from VDSM development to provide libvirt >= 1.2.9 for EL7 for oVirt 3.6.

gwd, do you just rebuilt ?
I’m looking at may this work for you?


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  • I can’t remember to what degree I stole stuff straight from Fedora, or took the old libvirt image Johnny had used for the x4c project (which also looked like it came almost straight from Fedora).

    But in any case, that seems sensible. The main thing long-term is to make sure it builds against the Xen in CentOS 7; but if you’re in a rush to get libvirt out there, it wouldn’t be bad to build it without Xen support until we have at least a beta version of Xen for CentOS 7.


  • Il 22/04/2015 17:31, George Dunlap ha scritto:

    No rush, we managed to use 1.2.8 for some more time so we’ve no hurry for now.