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CentOS 7.2

I have a big Problem with libvirt or KVM, my Virtual Hosts lost sometime a NIC
on start.

I have configured 4 NIC on the Virtual host two passthru and 2 virtual, on start most time i lost a virtual NIC :-(

So after a reboot I have to check always is all running and working.?

with a “virsh reboot xxxx” in the most time it come back ?

Have any a Idea why ?

I found nothing in the Logs :-(.

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  • What does “lose a NIC” mean? Does it mean that device doesn’t show up at all, and is not apparent with “/sbin/ifconfig -a” ? Or does it mean that the device is not properly configured with IP address and connected to the local network?

    I’ve certainly noticed with various virtualization systems and CentOS
    6 that sometimes DHCP doesn’t get configured in the very short time between the VM booting and the prompt being available. It always recovers with a “/sbin/service network restart”.

  • Hello,

    Am Mittwoch, 3. August 2016, 09:07:55 schrieb Nico Kadel-Garcia:

    It doesn’t show up

    NM is disabled

    DHCP is not configured all have a fix IP

    in this situation service restart is not possible it answers with a Error only a reboot helps ?