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Hi all,

seems we are making good progress. Thank you everyone!

* First Xen release via the SIG is imminent (see Xen section)
* We are also close to a Docker release (see Docker section)
* We also need to look at cross-SIG dependencies to be able to make use of Gluster support in the Storage SIG (see oVirt section)

Regards Lars

= Attendees =
* Lars Kurth
* George Dunlap
* Sandro Bonazzola
* Lokesh Mandevar

= Agenda =

== Replace audio meetings in favor of IRC meetings, which seem to work better ==

ACTION :Send mail to list: If anyone objects, let us know. ACTION: Lars to changeg invite and wiki to reflect IRC meetings always.

== Xen Update (George) ==

4.4.1 Virt-Sif testing for several weeks now. Everything appears to be working

Have a wiki now: covering xend to libxl migration – see http://wiki.CentOS.org/HowTos/Xen/Xen4QuickStart

Jonny has pushed the signed packages

Thus, this is the 1st Xen release from the VIRT SIG

ACTION: George to send quick mail to the list and write up a blog post. CC publicity@xenproject and KB such that he can cross post to the CentOS blog if he wants to

Note: 4.4.1 is still using the new old 3.10 kernel.


George: do we have a conflict on kernel versions for CentOS 7. For xen we would need to override the CentOS 7 kernel to make Xen work with CentOS 7

Lokesh: there is no kernel requirement for Docker except that the kernel needs to be >= 3.10