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Yesterday I tried changing the instance type of my c1.medium CentOS Server instances on AWS to c3.large and I wasn’t able to do so. It looks like the official CentOS AMI on market place is still not ready for c3.large.

This is the error message I received:

“The instance configuration for this AWS Marketplace product is not supported. Please see for more information about supported instance types, regions, and operating systems.”

c3.large provides a huge balance improvement when it comes to cost X benefits. This instance has almost the same price of the old c1.medium ($ 0.150 vs $ 0.145 / hourly) and has more CPU power and double memory (7 ECUs and 3.7G).

Given that fact, I believe we’ll have lots of people switching from c1.medium to c3.large soon and therefore it’d be wise to have the official AMI ready.

Besides c3.large, Amazon has released several new instance types and according to their market place info, I believe that the official AMI is not ready for those as well.

Is it possible to get it ready?

Thank you.

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