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Hi, I’ve seen that gluster is now available in CentOS Storage SIG[1].

Upstream we’re currently requiring to enable the gluster 3.6 repository in order to use suche storage for oVirt managed VMs. But while we’re planning how to package for CentOS VIrt SIG we’re interested in how to depend on inter-SIG dependencies and use gluster from within the CentOS Storage SIG instead of requiring upstream gluster repository. Do we need to require something like “

Should we require CentOS-release-gluster[2] from something like CentOS-release-ovirt and then just require gluster?
When is CentOS-release-gluster planned to land in extra?
Any hint or suggestion?

[1] http://lists.CentOS.org/pipermail/CentOS-devel/2015-January/012686.html
[2] http://wiki.CentOS.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Storage/gluster-Quickstart

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  • thats it.

    once testing is complete and we get some positive feedback, the gluster rpms will move to mirror.CentOS.org – and the CentOS-release-gluster will move to Extras ( and will then be available for every/all CentOS
    installs on c6/c7 ).