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Hi guys,

quick questions:
-are http://cbs.CentOS.org/repos/virt7-kvm-common-candidate/x86_64/os/Packages/
the rights repos for qemu-kvm-ev?
do/will i need other repos?

-why isn’t qemu-kvm-ev in virt7-kvm-common-release (isn’t it considered stable?!)

-is there a feature comparison between qemu-kvm-ev and qemu-kvm somewhere?

Thanks in advance (and thanks for your work)

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  • Il 05/06/2015 10:18, Etienne Champetier ha scritto:

    Hi, qemu-kvm-ev is a re-packaging of qemu-kvm-rhev for CentOS. This re-packaging is currently under testing by oVirt community and will be moved to release with oVirt 3.5.3 GA scheduled for Jun 15th if no major issue will be found.

    We’re still preparing the distribution repository, for now you can use the build repos you listed above.