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Hi all,

I’ve been curious about using hardware true random number generators in my VM clusters. This got me wondering about the VM’s /dev/random source… If I setup a hardware TRNG on the host, would the VM’s also benefit from it?


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  • Would you be able to elaborate on why not? I know Xen and KVM differ, but this is not a topic I have seen discussed at all before, so any insight would be helpful and appreciated! :)


  • Because we don’t have a paravirtualized interface to export the randomness to the guest. It would be a nice small little project to do that though.

  • Ah, ok. I’m an admin, not a programmer, so I am not sure what would be needed. Given how popular VMs are now, I can imagine it would be a nice feature to have. If it’s a “small” project, then all the better! :)


  • I would second that, wish I had the knowledge to do it, but I can see a lot of useful applications, never worry about having enough entropy for various encryption engines, scientific projects, etc.

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