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I think this may have been asked before, but what would it take to get debuginfo packages built for the Xen4CentOS kernels? If it’s just a patch for kernel.spec file that nobody has gotten around to, what is the best starting place for making that patch?

Thanks, Sarah

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  • My suggestion is to get the spec file of any regular CentOS kernel and look for “debuginfo”. And you’ll find how the -debuginfo package gets built out of that file.


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    We used a completely different SPEC file for the this kernel than the standard CentOS kernels. This is because we wanted to be able to build the kernel using the vanilla kernels from kernel.org and do a much more base kernel than one gets from those in RHEL.

    There are positives and negatives to that decision, but we got the original SPEC from the elrepo guys, and modified it from there to get what we needed.

    As Akemi suggested, the way to begin trying to do this would be to run through the RHEL 7 kernel spec file and find anything pertaining to with_debuginfo:


    Those things would need to be rolled into the xen kernel.

    As you can see, none of that is in the xen-kernel spec file:

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes