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xen 4.6.1-5 has been build and should be available in buildlogs soon
(available via the CentOS-virt-xen-testing repo).

More information can be found here:


A signed copy should hit the mirrors tomorrow.

Please report any problems on this list.


One thought on - XSA-172

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    I have said that I wills start maintaining the xen-44 branch for security updates. My first released package is xen-4.4.3-14.el6, which is currently in the CentOS-virt6-xen-testing repo.

    If there are no issues reported here, this version will be released to CentOS-6.7 xen repo in a day or two.

    The xenproject.org site says they will support xen-4.4 until March 2017
    (http://bit.ly/1UAVsOX), so I will also roll in updates until then for Xen-4.4.

    As George stated in this post (http://bit.ly/1pZKE04), if you want to stay on Xen-4.4 and not upgrade to Xen-4.6 (on CentOS-6) then you need to install ‘CentOS-release-xen-44’ and then remove CentOS-release-xen.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes