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On an old server (Dell PowerEdge SC1420, now without RAID)
I have CentOS 6.4 installed, up, and running — but it
keeps failing to connect for some reason ….

NetworkManager applet 0.8.1 runs blue rings around in the
panel for a while, then reports itself disconnected. It also
offers a pseudo-choice, if I right-click, between Wired
Connection and eth0; in fact, the cable to the router is the only
connection the machine has or has ever had.

I’ve tried such things as I could find to get a
connection, in vain. I’ve tried replacing the cable.

If there’s a good fix, I’d like to get my wife running CentOS,
because it’s one obvious choice for her to have against such time
as I’m gone. (I don’t at all claim to be the Oldest Subscriber,
but I am at an age such that I would be irrational not to plan for such

What new way can I try to get this beast online?

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  • If it shows eth0 in the networkmanager window, then it appears that it can see the ethernet card.

    What is the output from ifconfig?

    What does /var/log/messages say when you are trying to connect?

  • can see

    OK, I got lots of output from ifconfig, and tons from /var/log/
    messages; so what should I look for??

  • (a) Post the output from ifconfig

    (b) type this:

    tail -f /var/log/messages

    (c) Now tell networkmanager to connect.

    (d) Post everything that shows up from that point until the connection attempt fails.

  • Remember the problem machine can’t even send *me* things over my LAN; what’s more, I don’t seem to see an app for writing them to a CD and sneaker-mailing them to myself.

    Hi-yi-yippee-ki-yay! I did ps ax|grep networkmanager ; got a process number; killed it; and wonder of wonders, it put itself online.

    I launched firefox, opened a tab to weather, and got today’s data ; so it really is online!

    Many many thanks!!

  • Oops! I spoke too soon. It’s doing it again. I killed NetworkManager again, no joy; yum remove NetworkManager, no joy.

    Service network start fumbles a while, and eventually gets

    RTNETLINK answers: File exists (and that then repeats nine times).

    I discovered eth0 missing, and created one (leaving the banks empty, in hope it would find what it needed). No joy.

  • Beartooth wrote:

    You say you created one – how? And did you edit