7 thoughts on - 6.7

  • 6.7 is there most places … since we have more than 500 external mirrors (right now 593) not all of them are updated. (looks like 4%
    still are not completely updated)

    If we announce too soon, people look for it and don’t get it … if we wait a bit longer, some people see it on the mirrors before the announcement.

    Announcement should follow soonish, in the mean time .. here are the release notes:


    Thanks, Johnny Hughes

  • I think it would make more sense to wait for the actual release announcement first before asking about missing files.


  • 6.7/updates SRPMs are not outdated .. they are new updates for 6.7

    6.7/cr does not get populated until 6.8 is released, of course it is empty

    now, if you look here:


    (where the 6.7 rpms for CR were released {into 6.6} … SCORE)

    That is only for NEW packages built … not things carried over from older trees.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes

  • Well,

    As releasing the main distro is using quite some bandwidth (during release, the aggregated bandwidth for our msync nodes is ~4Gbits/s, during several hours), we wait for the msync network to go back to normal mode, before pushing the SRPMS to Vault.
    6.6 has already been copied to vault, so will disappear from mirror.CentOS.org soon. SRPMS will be synced to vault soon too, probably later today.


  • because that update was in 6.6 updates, not 6.7 updates. They (Red Hat)
    released it before they released released 6.7. It is carried forward from 6.6. Red Hat included an older version on their 6.7 isos.

    I will get all the SRPMs in the right places .. but they are all somewhere else in vault right now, so nothing is missing. They just need to be gathered from the other places and hardlinked into the 6.7 trees.