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Two onboard nics, Intel, eno1 and eno2

If either of them is set to onboot then network won’t start.

one error message says :bad vendor preset disabled

Another error message (in red) says Failed to start LSB

If I can find a USB key there is an updated kmod-wl src.rpm that *may*
bring up my wifi, but I am not sure I have access to a USB key at the moment.

The motherboard is supermicro and the onboard nics are Intel which I
thought were well supported, but I do remember going from 7.2 to 7.3 on a server IPv6 was bricked because of changes to how the /sbin/ifconfig scripts were configured.

This one (is a xeon, server board, but its my desktop) I think started life as 7.2 and was at 7.3 before this update – in case there’s a similar issue with incompatibilities with config file after update.

I’ve not used the nics before, always just used wifi.

What’s the secret to getting them to connect via dhcp onboot at least long enough to try and get the broadcom wifi working again?

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  • I’ll figure that out later. I found a USB key in my camera bag (I’m out of town, but took my desktop with me) and used the updated src.rpm from elrepo for my wireless. So it connects now.

    I need to get an Intel wireless nic with drivers in the kernel, that’s what my thinkpad has and it always just works.

    I’ll figure out what’s up with the wired connections later.