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Is there a way (software) to turn a CentOS server into an AP?

The server will have DHCP and RADVD, so no ARP proxying needed. This is for a small lab setup.

yumex is not helping me search for an answer.

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  • Interestingly, Fedora 17 is only at 0.7.3-10. It would be nice for a more current version, but for what I need, if it works with WPA-PSK it will be good enough for now for the lab I am building for my son.

    I can see why such an app is not even in EPEL, as who would run an AP on a enterprise server? Someone that wants enterprise code in a portable lab environment and not have to also lug along an AP. Even the Tenda AP. (CentOS for this lab is loaded on an old OQO2).