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Hi, i have a little question but not sure if exist in CentOS. Theres any way to reotre all CentOS to default? like a goback or a security backup? im realtive new with this and want to do a full back up of CentOS before trying to install things. Also i really prefer to run a commands instead of do a fresh install of CentOS. Theres any like this?

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  • backup any config files before you edit them the first time. thats really all that you’re changing. you shouldn’t be replacing/modifying any files under RPM package management except those config files, and most of the major services like apache httpd have a conf.d directory where you make your changes by creating new .conf files rather than modifying the supplied ones.

  • You should setup separate test and production systems. Use the test system to experiment and figure out what you want to get done and how to do it, then apply it to the production system.

    Setting up a test server is easy and you do not need to buy another computer. Use VirtualBox or other virtualization software on your personal computer and install the test system there. Then you can create snapshots and rollback the system state as you need to.

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  • Brian Mathis wrote:

    I *strongly* second that. In real, professional work environments, you’ve got developers, testers, and production, on *separate* boxes; if you’re short on hardware and cash, a VM on the dev box is the way to go.


  • To expand on this correct advice:

    You can use CloneZilla or mondorescue to clone your production system to a test VM; then experiment there as much you like. :-)