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Dear Friends,

I have installed Nagios core on my CentOS 6.2 server with mailx , postfix. But I do not know how to configure mail notification , check mail notification is working or not . I searched on google but not able to search any good answer so please help me friend

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  • Am 10.08.2012 22:15, schrieb m.roth@5-cent.us:

    Which might be exactly the problem here.

    A (metric) ton of Google hits usually contains 999.999 kilograms of forum postings advising you to use Google, telling you that you really don’t want what you are asking for, and similar useless drivel, effectively hiding the one gram of information you are looking for.

    I’ve gone off the idea of Google. It’s overrated.

    SCNR, T.

  • When saying something like that it’s good to mention a few examples of the search terms you’re using–too often, people say I googled, and it didn’t work, but didn’t really google.

    I would try using the article at the CentOS wiki on nagios–even though it’s dated, it’s still one of the best docs on nagios (which generally has horrible docs, at least it did when I set it up years ago).

    See how far you get with that.

    I’m assuming that generally, using the mail command on your machine works. If it doesn’t, then notifications won’t work either.

  • Scott Robbins wrote:

    Bear in mind OP posted the same question to the debian list simultaneously substituting Debian server for CentOS & also maybe English may not be his first language & as we all know even native English speakers don’t speak English too cleverly half the time on Google.



  • Ah, that’s not so good. However, seriously, I remember when I was assigned to set up nagios, and until I found Max’s articles, I was at sea myself.

    Squeeze, Beefy, Snow Leopard, Precise–one could make a song out of that–or maybe it’s a good title for a band.