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Adobe doesn’t seem to have acroread for x86_64 linux, or at least I don’t see it anywhere.

Anybody know otherwise?

Evince and other tools work pretty well, but I have always liked having the “real thing” around for those occasions when they don’t.

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  • Fred:

    They produce a Linux RPM. It’s not 64 bit, but it will work and that is all you can get from them at the moment.

    Xpdf works well enough for me that I don’t need another tool.


  • Ii suggest you download and use Firefox 19, which includes its own internal pdf reader (pdf.js), written in Javascript, no plugins to load!, just File-Open select pdf file and off you go. Same with pdf links on web pages, just clicks and the browser loads the pdf in its internal reader.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, FC

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  • But to use that means I’d have to install a ton of 32-bit runtime support.

    yeah, that’s probably true. I’m finding evince to be better than the one on CentOS 5, too.

  • Yup, just installed 6.3 and that’s one thing I haven’t gotten around to yet (I had to compile my own for CentOS 5.x).

  • yup, thanks. there are no others.

    pdfjs works pretty well, but oddly, some PDF files it won’t display in the browser, I have to download them then browse under the file menu to the file then it displays it just fine.

  • the “advantage” would be the diff between having it and not, as opposed to having it in 64-bit versus 32-bit.

    Modern 64-bit installs do not install all the 32-bit runtimes needed to run 32-bit programs, so having to use a 32-bit program can be painful, give you’d need to install a bazillion other files just to accommodate that one proggy.

  • Was just about to mention that. :-)

    Adobe Reader is also rather slow and sluggish compared to some of the other pdf-readers available. At least in my experience.

  • This is from a Fedora 18 machine – I believe it will be the same for CentOS but I have not tried !

    I have both i386 and x86_64 repos configured and I cannot see x86_64 version of AdobeReader

    ja@minix ~ 1$ repoquery -a –repoid