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Recently, I put CentOS 6.4 on one of the four PCs I keep behind a KVM switch. I like it a whole lot in most ways, but Fedora has spoiled me : I install almost every browser I can, and generally keep half a dozen or more open, mostly with several tens of tabs open. Iow, I use browsers as I used to use books, back in the Carboniferous when I had a desk in the stacks.

Are there ways a subtechnoid can run Arora, Dillo, Epiphany, Konqueror, Midori, Kazehakase, Rekonq, Opera, and Pan on this CentOS

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  • Wow, I thought I knew many different browsers!

    Arora: If you mean Firefox Aurora, alpha software is axiomatically not supported by CentOS. You can go to
    US/firefox/all-aurora.html and download it there.

    Konqueror: Install kdebase.

    Pan is a newsreader, not a Web browser.

    I can’t help with the others. For your purposes, Debian might be a better distribution.

  • I think the OP means arora, as typed. It’s a lightweight, fairly simple browser. I have it installed, but running rpm -q indicates that it’s from a Mandriva rpm, and frankly, I don’t remember where I got it, I might have rebuilt it at some point. Dillo should be fairly easy to find for CentOS. I see I have that too–ah, Ok, seems as if it had a spec file and I built it.

  • if its not in RHEL, it doesnt belong in the CentOS repository, anyways.

    packages like these belong somewhere like EPEL or RepoForge or whatever.

  • I’ve never found Fedora to be too terribly unstable when I’ve used it. You may have a choice to make, use Firefox and Chromium (since Johnny is awesome and packages it for EL6) on CentOS or reinstall Fedora and have access to a larger selection of bleeding-edge software.

    And although slightly hokey, you could always have CentOS on bare metal and Fedora in a VM for the days where you feel like running Arora or Midori, etc.

    Third party repo, if the packages exist.

    Slightly OT, I believe Kazehakase is a dead project [0] [1].

    As John Pierce said, these packages are something EPEL or another third-party repo would package and provide.