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I have two identical servers in hardware. I installed both with CentOS. I did LVM snapshots before updating to test LVM merging. On one server I merged all filesystem’s during boot because they where mounted when I merged. The other server I did the snapshots, made my installations and configurations and made no merge because it worked on the other server. But I forgot to delete the snapshots and: n the night the server crashed. It rebooted to recovery kernel because it can’t find the lvm volumes (module dm_snapshots was missing).

Both servers have a difference. When they start one says CentOS (Core) at the end of the loading bar. The other with the crash says sth. about a dracut-Kernel while loading.

What do I have to look for?

Partitioning scheme on both servers:
/boot: sda1
/: lvm
/usr: lvm
/var: lvm Swap: lvm

Thanks in advance Tim