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I’ve created a couple of new public yum repos suitable for CentOS 7:

ergel (Extra Ruby Gems for Enterprise Linux)


epmel (Extra Perl Modules for Enterprise Linux)


The repos are designed to work in conjunction with EPEL, so you will need this installed first and they should be “safe” (they don’t upgrade packages in base).

Feedback and requests for additions welcome!

Cheers Richard

One thought on - Announcement: New Yum Repos

  • You should call it RIGEL: Ruby Imported Gems for Enterprise Linux.

    Much space. So geek.

    CoMPEL: CPAN Modules Provided for Enterprise Linux

    “By the power of Randall Schwartz I compel you! Rise and walk, my new Perl app!”

    My biggest hassle with Perl modules not provided in the base OS or EPEL has just been that we still need to support EL5, and every now and then cpanm will fetch a new version of a module that used to work on EL5 but no longer does. So, unless you’re going to solve that problem,[*] I don’t think I’ll be using it, since cpanm and bug reports work well enough for us right now.

    (And yes, I’m aware of Carton, FatPacker, and Docker. If the compatibility problem gets bad enough before we can jettison our last EL5 users, we may end up going that way.)

    Regardless, thank you for doing this work. I’m sure it will help many people.

    [*] By that, I imagine someone doing something like Red Hat does and settling on a stable set of Perl distribution versions and backporting fixes to those versions rather than upgrading wholesale. It’d be a lot of thankless work, which is why I don’t expect you to do it.