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Anyone know off the top of their heads if this (AT-2972SX) fiber network card will work out of the box with CentOS 6.x?

Sounds like it’s a Broadcom-based card, so perhaps it will, or maybe something exists for it in elrepo?

Hoping to avoid needing to build custom drivers from source.


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  • Yep — definitely. We don’t have the cards yet and am just trying to determine if they’ll work easily or not or if we should push to order something different.

    Thanks, Ray

  • My gut guess is that it’s just going to work. Most of the networking stuff most Linux distros have down pat (unless we’re talking about something really rare/weird).

    I looked at the file itself, the license is GPL.

  • What’s weird is that they packaged the actual binaries as a bunch of small ISOs. At this point I’d probably build them from source if all else fails :) .