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I’m running CentOS 6. The audio goes in and out a lot. With vlc, I can sometimes get the audio back by turning the audio track off and on again. I have similar issues with a/v embedded in html.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose this?

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  • We could use some additional details.
    * what version of CentOS 6
    * what is your desktop GUI — gnome or ?
    * what apps are you attempting to use with audio?

    I have CentOS 6.9 installed with pulse-audio and my gnome 2 desktop, and everything works well with this environment. I pretty much always test with Firefox and youtube. Sites with embedded with video also work fine for me.

  • [hennebry@localhost bus]$ cat /etc/CentOS-release CentOS release 6.9 (Final)
    [hennebry@localhost bus]$

    2 28
    CentOS Project

    I first noticed it with vlc. There is something the GUI calls movie player that does not play movies. I think I need to install some codecs to make it work. HAven”t tried to use it for a long time.

  • Hello Michael,

    Could you elaborate about “the audio goes in and out a lot”?
    Is it that, while playing a video or sound, the audio gets in and out permanently? Is the sound fading in/out or just straightly being cut off?
    Or is it the audio going off after a while or inactivity then being difficult to turn on again? I’m thinking of the auto-mute, which can be amazingly turned on and create unexpected behaviour (see alsamixer if that features exists for your sound card and if it’s ON).


  • It just cuts out.

    Of videos on my computer, the problem might be for a single mp4 file. The cut outs occurs at scene changes, most of which are between grayscale and color.

    A facebook friend sent me a video that used to have sound. Now it’s quiet and shorter. I don’t have enough time to try to turn sound off and on. I’m going to look for some other embedded video to check.

    Now I wonder whether my video software has gotten more sensitive to malformed data. Don’t remember when vlc was last updated. ls -l tells me Jan 4, but I’m pretty sure that is wrong. I’ll try to find it in my yum logs. Is there a tool that will try to clean a bad mp4 video?

  • Apparently, when I get at it though chat, it’s muted by default and a right-clich brings up the unmute menu. That leaves the other file.

    According to yum.log, vlc stuff was updated on MArch 29 and not later. According to rpm -q vlc depends on libpulse… . According to yum.log , pulseaudio stuff was updated May 3 and not later. This include erasing package pulseaudio with no corresponding install or update. This suggests to me a major change.

    All that said, it seems to me that the cutting out started much later than that.

    Also, since the problem appears to affect only one file,
    ’tain’t all that big a deal anymore.