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Ok… digging still more into this problem that I’m *still* fighting, using mplayer and a higher debug level, what I *think* the significant message is (this is just one example line):
libv4lconvert: Error decompressing JPEG: fill_nbits error: need 5 more bits fps = 15.626953, interval = 0.096001, a_skew = 0.000000, corr_skew = 0.000000
vcnt = 1, acnt = 0

Which seems to indicate that for some reason, on *some* hardware, libv4lconvert is doing something wrong that it did correctly in the last kernel.

Is anyone using an older USB webcam that can look at this issue? I can’t really test it on our RHEL box (well, I suppose I could try) to put in a ticket with them.

This is CentOS 6.4, and it’s current, 2.6.32-358.11.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP


And in other news, Linus renames the current release, 3.11 kernel, Linux for Workgroups (for real)….

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    One followup bit: before I run mplayer, I did export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/ and I get the top 10%-15% ok, and the rest of the window green. If I use export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/ I get only the outline of the window, and *nothing* inside, which seems to me to indicate it’s that library, not the gspca driver.

    An additional, and I *think* related datapoint: after the kernel upgrade, one of my user’s website, which has a wiki, and that has a page that creates thumbnails of jpgs failed, though I believe he said he could do it from a command line, using /usr/bin/convert; how the website did it, I’m not sure… but I *do* see that ldd tells me that convert is linked to both and