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Some weeks ago, I asked if anyone had set up a backup scheme for a remote server. By backup here, I mean an alternative arrangement that can be called upon if eg the DSL connection to the remote machine fails.

I received one interesting reply:
=====================At home, besides my fixed lines, I have two gsm-modems, one low-speed (that came free of charge with one of my fixed lines), the other is high speed, but pre-paid, normally off)
=====================I meant to respond at the time, asking for further details, but forgot, and now I have lost the original message.

So now I am posting again, asking if anyone has implemented any such arrangement. If you have, I would be very interested to hear the details.

In my case, I spend time in two countries – Ireland and Italy –
and have servers in each place. The problem in both places is that the ADSL modem sometimes goes off, and the only way to turn it back on seems to be to disconnect and re-connect the power supply.

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