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I thnk I posted this last week, but to refresh your minds (for Americans, after all the turkey): two C7 boxes, updated. box 1 is exporting directories; box 2 is not running nfs. From box 1, every minute, I get
<...> kernel: lockd: server fred.local not responding, timed out

Now, on box 2, fred is eth0:fred, and is one of five secondaries on eth0. When I do an ip a, it shows as the last one. Further, df shows no directory from box 1 being mounted.

So, does anyone have a clue on this?


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  • m.roth@5-cent.us wrote:

    Does ‘box 1’ have the files /var/lib/nfs/statd/{sm,sm.bak}/fred.local ?

    If so, try removing these files – you may need to stop nfslock on ‘box
    1’ before removing – and restart after

    James Pearson