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Hi, folks,

So I installed xfce on my Netbook. While I was in Chicago, I worked out how to tell it to bring it up. It came up.

As root. With no obvious way to tell it to show a login screen first.

Did I miss something?


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  • Try installing and enabling the lightdm package/service if you want a graphical login screen.

    I don’t understand how you would have had an automatic log in as root xfce session though.

    Jonathan Billings

  • I neglected to mention: set the default run level to 5 in /etc/inittab. You can restart the graphical using upstart commands: initctl restart prefdm

  • You left out the details of what you actually did.  Should we guess?  :)

    My guess is: you ran “startx”.  That starts a session as the user that runs “startx”

    Instead, you should be booting the graphical target (edit /etc/inittab to change the default on C6; use “systemctl set-default graphical.target” on C7).  You can select what session you’d like to run from the login screen, before you enter your password.

    In the future, please be specific about what you’ve done when asking what you’ve done wrong.  :)

  • Excuse me, but there’s no need for insults. You know perfectly well that I’m a professional sysadmin, and that I’ve been here for years.

    It’s a Netbook. I yum groupinstalled xfce, created an /etc/sysconfig/desktop, added a line in /etc/X11/prefdm to include xfce, copying one of the other lines, and rebooted. It came in in runlevel 5, no login.

    In other words, what I’d do with any other display manager.


  • I believe that’s the mistake you made, you told prefdm to start xfce instead of a display manager, which is what the prefdm upstart service starts. As far as I know, xfce doesn’t include a display manager.

    Normally, you’d start xfce from gdm (since its part of the default desktop install) but you could always use xdm to do so as well. I
    believe you’ll need to update your ~/.Xclients or ~/.xsession for per-user configs, or change the default in /etc/sysconfig/desktop.

    (It’s been a couple years since I’ve touched a el6 desktop so I might be wrong here.)

  • Jonathan Billings wrote:

    Ahhh. Ok, thanks… though, since folks tell me that IceWM is still a going project, I’ll go to that, which I did use for years, while I’ve never run xfce.

    Thanks again, though.


  • That was intended to be ribbing in good humor.  It was not intended to be insulting.  I apologize.

    Unfortunately, none of that gives us information about your question. 
    You have to tell us what you did in order for us to determine what was wrong, and you’ve been here long enough to know that.  Thus, a gentle reminder to ask intelligent questions seemed in order.