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I’m kickstarting a vm in ESXi 5.1.

ks.cfg is on floppy, install media is ISO file.

This works great as long as I don’t add an additional repo, in our case it is vmware tools on one of our webservers.

If I add the repo line, anaconda asks then for the used network card and indeed, switching to console the interfaces are still unconfigured. Chosing eth0 in gui continues the installation!

This is the relevant part of ks.cfg

install cdrom lang de_DE.UTF-8
keyboard de-latin1

network –onboot yes –device eth0 –bootproto static
–ip2.168.200.28 –netmask% –gateway2.168.200.1
network –onboot no –device eth1 –bootproto static –noipv6
network –onboot no –device eth2 –bootproto static –noipv6

repo –name=vmware51

I’m beginning to think the problem is, my install media is ISO and I
have an additional http repo which is not available in this stage…

Is there any workaround?

Thx Rainer

4 thoughts on - C6: Kickstart Problems With Additional Repo

  • Am 08.10.2013 18:08, schrieb Earl Ramirez:

    No, does not help. GUI still says it needs an active network connection. :(

  • Are you able to establish communication with the web server that is hosting vmware tools

    I do not have the same environment as you, therefore my ks.cfg, installation media and the repo is on the same FTP server.

    I’m only being asked to configure the network, if I’m not able to establish communication with the FTP server, verify that the appropriate access is on file/s that the server need to connect to.

  • Am 08.10.2013 19:05, schrieb Earl Ramirez:

    Yes, I can establish the connection. But at the point when the GUI asks for the network connection the interface does not have the IP address yet. I verify this on another console with ‘ifconfig’ and ‘ip a l’. In the %post section I can do wget and other things, so there does not seem to be the problem. And once I confirm the eth0 interface in gui it gets the ks.cfg network config and install with the configured repo works.

    Still I think the repo command cannot be used because I don’t have the interface configured on kernel command line to get the ks.cfg. I use the local floppy disk with ‘ks=floppy’