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Hello, As part of testing an alternative module I saved the original module and copied the test one in. The test was done and I put the original module back.

Now the original module is not loading at startup and doing it manually I get the error

WARNING: Error inserting {Module name & path } Required key not available.

And in /var/log/messages shortly after boot I can see

kernel: ksign: Installing public key data Loading keyring
– Added public key D9FDC491F0A38D91
– User ID: CentOS (Kernel Module GPG key)

and I also see

ksign: module signed with unknown public key
– signature keyid: 6aa10540a705b299 ver=4
Module signed with unknown public key

Logged when I try to manually load the original module.

Has something not loaded at startup? Or what???

Puzzled – any ideas



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  • Am 17.05.2017 um 12:22 schrieb Ken Smith :

    Not sure if i understand your problem. Try to regenerate the map files with

    # depmod -a

  • Leon Fauster wrote:
    Hi Leon, I tried that and get the same error. Its to do with the modules being signed. But I don’t see how I have changed anything to do with that – unless I’m missing some subtle detail.

    :-) Ken

  • Use “rpm -Vf /path/to/original/module.ko”

    If rpm tells you that the checksum has been modified, then the
    “original” file you’ve got isn’t the correct file. Download the rpm that owns that file, and use “rpm -i –replacefiles –replacepkgs
    ” to reinstall the kernel package.

  • Gordon Messmer wrote:
    Thank you Gordon,

    I downloaded the original .rpm and extracted the files that I had changed during my testing and replaced them on the system. Its working now.

    Strange, as all I had done was copy the relevant .ko’s elsewhere for safekeeping while I was testing and the fault arose when I coped them back. Weird…..