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I’ve got an old HP Netbook, which is just fine for taking with when I’m travelling, to check email and news. I have a very old Ubuntu netbook-remix on it, and it really, *really* needs to be updated to something current. I, of course, would prefer CentOS….

The question is: I see that *if* the specs I just looked up (I’m at work, not home, where I could just turn it on, but they sound right) Atom N270
CPU, 2G RAM, 160GB drive – what should I put on it, C6 or C7? Upgrading the memory’s not going to happen, so it’s got to live with that size.

Opinions (please, no flame wars), just what will be most responsive on a machine this small?


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  • I think the Atom N270 is a 32-bit processor, no?

    that means either no C7, or you will have to use the unofficial 32-bit build, and I don’t know if it is being kept up to date.

    also, 3rd-party repositories (epel, et al) aren’t offering 32-bit packages for C7, either, so if you depend on any of them for packages you really care about (e.g., I can’t use gnome-3.x, I use epel’s Mate Desktop packages) you’ll be stuck.

  • Depending upon what desktop you want or need, a Fedora 25 is still available in i386. You can download the netinst, do a minimal install then add your desktop. It’s probably the closest thing to CentOS for now. Something like openbox, or even better, dwm, probably wouldn’t strain its resources too much.

  • Johnny Hughes wrote:

    I think so. Given the date, and the price (had I paid full price, it would have been well under $400US)….

    Mmmm… looks like I may go for C6, then, since unlike that Ubuntu, I will want to do updates at least every time I get ready for a trip (other times, it sits in the closet turned off).

    And I really don’t want fedora, with its ‘how many updates today?!’ That’s why I like CentOS: stability.

    Thanks to all.


  • I went for C6 on a Samsung NC10 (1.6GHz Atom N270 1GB RAM), only because it refused to boot off the C7 ISO for some reason, and I didn’t want to waste time tracking down why.

    Works like a charm without any fiddling with an alternate DE like I would have with C7. I have no complaints.


  • Because that is a 32-bit (not 64-bit) processor. There is an AltArch
    32-bit CentOS-7 distro as well:


    C6 does also use less resources than CentOS-7, so this might be the best bet in any event, but I did want to point out an alternative does exist.

    Things like EPEL and ElRepo do not exist for the CentOS-7 32-bit distro either, so the experience is somewhat limited as well.

  • I might add that NOT using GNOME on a notebook is a big processor/battery win. I switched to Xfce some years ago.

  • I was using the AltArch i386 release. I put it down to a grumbly BIOS not liking the ISO I’d put on a USB stick, but couldn’t be bothered to sort out a
    32bit PXE install.

    C6 went on just fine, and given what I’m using the netbook for, wasn’t really a worse option.


  • I get far more hours out of this old NC10 with C6 and Gnome than I can cope with the cramped keyboard, so I don’t need to tweak anything.