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Hi, I have plug in this USB network device:

This is the log information:

But, if I run ‘ip a’ I do not see other new network device (ethX).

It’s possible resolve this issue and use this USB network device?

Many thanks

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  • Are you running CentOS 5 or CentOS 6?

    You need to figure out what chipset your usb ethernet device uses. Maybe it uses ax8817x driver like [0] says? Or D-Link decided to change the chipset without changing the model number. ;)

    Run lsusb and locate your device. Use the “Bus” and “Device” numbers in the following command so you get more info on just that device. lsusb -v -s “Bus:Device” | egrep ‘id(Vendor|Product)’

    If you’re lucky there will be some useful information in those two fields, otherwise run the second command without piping it to egrep and read through all the verbose info for clues.

    It doesn’t appear the ax8817x driver is shipped with stock CentOS 6 kernels
    (and since 5 kernels are much older, don’t expect it’s 2.6.18.x kernel to include the driver which came out around 2.6.21 or .23).
    # find /lib/modules/2.6.32-358.23.2.el6.x86_64/ -iname ‘ax88*’ -print

    And the word is that there’s a bug or two [1] for the ax8817x drivers (this Plugable device uses a similar chipset and it appears the same driver as well) that aren’t fixed until 3.2 series kernels. You may just have to compile the module manually from source [2] which won’t be horrible (since these instructions are for Ubuntu you’ll have to adapt them for RHEL/CentOS
    as necessary).

    ** Don’t hold me to any of this info until you know for sure which chipset
    _you_ have!

    [0] http://www.linux-usb.org/devices.html#net
    [1] http://plugable.com/products/USB3-E1000/drivers

  • Il giorno mar, 29/10/2013 alle 08.48 -0400, SilverTip257 ha scritto:

    Like subject say, CentOS 6.4

    The kernel is last: 2.6.32-358.23.2.el6.x86_64

    Thank SilverTip257 for reply, but I have solved rebuild and install the asix driver follow this tread:


    I have take the CD’s Linux driver (DUB_E100_Linux_v420.zip), unzip it and apply this patch:

    Now all work fine.


  • Il giorno mar, 29/10/2013 alle 09.45 -0400, m.roth@5-cent.us ha scritto:

    Yes, I know, I will pay attention (with some scripts, I rebuild and install it and restart network via rc.local).

    If you (or someone into list) tell me that fill a bug is useful to make sure that this patch will be included in a future kernel … I do it.


  • The subject was heavily abbreviated “c6.4” and the OS was not contained in the body. I saw the abbreviation after the fact.