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Being a fan of IPtables and dreading the eventual transition to CentOS
7, I wondered if in C7’s firewalld an interface can be assigned to a single zone or to multiple zones such as ‘private’ and ‘trusted’.

For example interface em1 having both trusted and public zones assigned to it. If multiple zones per interface are permitted presumably one can segregate traffic by IP range ?

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  • You can still use iptables with CentOS7, if you want… (AFAIK both firewalld & iptables use the same kernel functions)

    To stop and disable firewalld

    systemctl stop firewalld systemctl mask firewalld

    TO install iptables..

    yum install iptables-services

    Enable and start iptables

    systemctl enable iptables systemctl start iptables

    for IPV6
    systemctl enable ip6tables

  • Vijay Rajah wrote:

    As a matter of interest, how does firewalld compare with shorewall?
    They look rather similar.

    I am running CentOS-7 on a home server, with shorewall. I was not aware until I read this thread that firewalld was installed, but I find now that it is running. I’m rather surprised there have been no conflicts with shorewall. Maybe one over-rules the other?

    (I notice it is installed but not running on my Fedora-20 laptop.)

  • Yes.. both are just frontends for iptables with profile presets, no more than that.

    Pretty much same idea, but firewalld should be more evolved in terms of user friendly. It even has a GUI if you want.

    firewalld also has other abilities, like allowing changing just the runtime configuration, or just the persistent one..

    Yet, if you are an advanced shorewall/iptables user, you may struggle to do the same on firewalld without resorting to its –direct commands.

    Probably your shorewall is just starting later than firewalld and is overwritting firewalld rules