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Hi, all.

I’m attempting to install CentOS 5 via netinstall from
& it gets as far as formatting the disk but when it gets to:

‘Starting install process. This may take take several minutes…’

it hangs forever (well, a couple of hours).

Dropping down in a console I see it’s telling me:

‘Preparing to install’

then nothing. ‘top’ shows activity for Anaconda but very little.

This is on an old Poweredge 650 with 3GB’s of RAM on a secondary drive. The primary drive has CentOS 6.4 running on it quite happily so the hardware’s up to it.

I chose to install the ‘Server GUI’ packages because I was curious. Maybe herein lies my problem?

Any help appreciated.



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  • Apologies for replying to my own mail but eventually, in fact, very eventually, it threw up an error about a corrupted Xorg file & I had to cease the install.

    In which case, I’ll stick to a minimal install & take it from there. It does seems to me however that the corrupted file must be actually on the CentOS mirror (highly unlikely it’s on a 14MB netinstall disc) so if that’s the case, it may need reporting to whomever.

    If Johnny is reading this, if you furnish me with the necessary details of how to go about it, I’ll Bugzilla it.