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Upgraded a RAID. Copied everything from backup.

And then my manager said I had to encrypt the drive.

I’ve done that, and made the filesystem, but I can’t mount it.

CentOS 6. I have the entry in /etc/crypttab, and a key in /etc/crypt.pw, and the luks UUID in /etc/fstab. I cannot find the command that tells it to create the device in /dev/mapper from the info in /etc/crypttab.

Clues for the poor? Yes, the server will, at some point in the future, go to CentOS 7, but that needs my user to be off for a while, and his jobs run literally for weeks, with loads upwords of 30 on an HBS (honkin’ big server)….


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  • MAPDEVICE=/dev/sdxy ; cryptsetup luksOpen ${MAPDEVICE} luks-$(cryptsetup luksUUID ${MAPDEVICE})
    MAPDEVICE=/dev/sdxy ; mount /dev/mapper/luks-$(cryptsetup luksUUID ${MAPDEVICE}) /mnt

  • Leon Fauster wrote:

    Something’s not right. I did cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb luks-$(cryptsetup luksUUID $(/dev/sdb))
    –key-file /etc/crypt.pw

    It did want the password, so I added –key-file, but it seems to have created /dev/mapper/luks, not the full luksUUID that’s in both crypttab and fstab.


  • unmap: cryptsetup luksClose /dev/mapper/luks

    and then try again with following correction

    NOT …UUID $(/dev/sdb)
    …UUID /dev/sdb

  • Leon,

    Leon Fauster wrote:


    Thank you *very* much for the help, and such fast responses. Googling hadn’t been helpful….

    I’m good now (and will be documenting it for my manager and the other admin).