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I am setting up a CentOS 6.5 box to host some Openvz containers. I
have a 120gb SSD I am going to use for boot, / and swap. Should allow for fast boots. Have a 4TB drive I am going to mount as /backup and use to move container backups too etc. The remaining four 3TB drives I am putting in a software RAID 10 array and mount as /vz and all the containers will go there. It will have by far the most activity.

Does this layout look ok?

RAID Devices
md0 (/dev/md0) 5722917 /vz ext4
Hard Drives
sda (/dev/sda)
sda1 (/dev/sda1)
sda1 500 /boot ext4
sda2 64000 swap
sda3 49972 / ext4
sdb (/dev/sdb)
sdb1 3815446 /backup ext4
sdc (/dev/sdc)
sdc1 2861587 md0 software RAID
sdd (/dev/sdc)
sdd1 2861587 md0 software RAID
sde (/dev/sdc)
sdce 2861587 md0 software RAID
sdf (/dev/sdc)
sdf1 2861587 md0 software RAID

One thought on - CentOS 6 Software RAID 10 Setup

  • Matt wrote:

    Make it 1G for /boot. I’ve actually used preupgrade in fedora, when I
    brought a couple of workstations from FC17 to FC19, and it *needed* about
    300G; I do *not* expect that to go down, and 1G, which we’ve decided on and have been using at work for several years, should be ok.

    Oh, and we’ve just defaulted to 2G swap (and my mind SEGV’s when I mention how much RAM some of our servers have….)