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  • Eventually, yes … thats how it goes, right?

    We are working on the consolidated tree, spinning isos, QA’ing those, etc.

    CR is for access now, for those what want it … the tree should be along soon. Not exactly sure when soon will be yet :)

  • Hey! We need an exact date!! ;-)

    Nah, just kidding. It will be released when ready, right. I can wait.

    Keep up the good work dev-team!

  • Sorin Srbu wrote:

    I have two servers running CentOS-6.3. On one of them I had (inadvertently) enabled the CentOS-CR repository. I noticed that there were a huge number of updates (over 400 packages)
    from this repository yesterday.

    I’m wondering if I disabled it now, would that cause confusion with subsequence updates?

    I’m also wondering if I leave it enabled, is the danger that the system will stop running negligible?
    (The machine is in another country, so surgery would be difficult!)

  • No, if you turn CR off you should be OK … I doubt that we will add any updates to the 6.3 tree except CR from now until the 6.4 release … but I would recommend you leave it on if you already got the updates. (see below)

    There is very little chance it will completely break … though with any new point release you need to test your machine.

    This is basically 6.4 and it is going to be released in its entirety in less than a week to the main channel anyway.

    If you already updated the current packages with CR, I would leave CR
    enabled as I just pushed some more security updates there (to CR) this morning and will continue to do so until we release officially release 6.4.

  • Johnny Hughes wrote:

    Thanks very much. I didn’t realise it was your baby. Now I feel much safer!

  • Timothy Murphy wrote:

    I just used all the usual repos, and CR, on one of our 6.3 machines, did the update and rebooted, though I assume 6.4 isn’t officially released, since lsb_release -a shows it still as 6.3


  • Right … we do not put the new anaconda or CentOS-release in CR. Those are usually the only things to get updated after the full point release.