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I am trying to install a LAMP stack using MariaDB on CentOS 6.4, 64
bit. I have installed MariaDB by using the MariaDB repository configuraton tool. I installed php by itself. Both MariaDB and php individually test fine.

I know that php-mysql has to be installed to complete the LAMP stack installation. From lots of googling I understand that there is a php-mysql and a php-mysqlnd. If I do:
# yum list | grep -i php-mysql I only get php-mysql, not php-mysqlnd, even though the MariaDB
repository is active.

Will php-mysql work or should I try to find mysqlnd? FYI: I installed LAMP with MariaDB on a Fedora 19 box and, I don’t remember how, php-mysqlnd was installed.

Thank you, Joe Hesse

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  • Thank you for your reply. What I want to do is install WordPress on a CentOS 6.4 server using MariDB. According to the WordPress documentation you need a LAMP server. I have installed MariaDB and php. What else do I have to install to get a functioning LAMP server?
    Thank you in advance. Joe

  • LAMP:

    Linux Apache MySQL (or MariaDB)

    CentOS provides Linux; you’ve said that you installed MariaDB and PHP, so now you need Apache.

    It’s not entirely clear where your problem is. Are you having a specific issue, or are you just asking a general question? If you have a specific problem you should just ask it rather than weaving around it.