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Good morning,

I’ve got a new system with a fresh 6.4 installation. I didn’t check if the sound worked at first but I know it doesn’t now. :)

The system board is an ASRock Extreme6. The Specs say it has a Realtek ALC1150 audio chipset and 7.1 channels.

I’m running KDE and an Nvidia X driver (I need the video performance of this driver – sorry about that). The System Tools for Audio Output list 4 devices:

HDA Intel (HDA Generic)
Default PulseAudio HDA NVidia (HDMI 0)

The speakers are connected via the typical audio jack and when I test “HDA Intel (HDA General)” it says that the default device did not work and it is using the PulseAudio device. I tested all 4
devices and nothing ever played. I’ve also made sure I have the audio jack plugged into the right port on the board :)

I Googled a bit and one site suggested reinstalling the alsa kernel module, which I did. No change – still no sound.

Any suggestions?



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  • On 2013-10-13 @14:22 zulu, Jeff Layton scribed:

    Check that the speakers work when plugged into another computer.

    On my computer speakers, there’s a wired pendant with volume/balance/fader knobs, and one of them functions as a mute button when pushed.

    The proper jack for speaker plug is typically colored pale/pastel green.

  • Yep – good suggestion. I had already checked that the speakers work and that the the audio jack is plugged into the correct port (pastel green). When I pull the jack out of the port you can hear the static through the speakers which makes me think it’s a driver problem (but I’m probably wrong).