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Hi gents,

I have a CentOS 6.6 install with net-snmp running. I’m using SNMPv3 Auth and Encryption with Observium polling devices every five minutes. On one of my CentOS server, the net-snmp process will die after 24-36 hours of running. It seems to be hitting my system maximum file open limit which is set to 1024.

That number will keep increasing till it trips the 1024 limit.

It seems that CentOS is frozen to net-snmp 5.5 and I’m don’t really want to use anything that I can’t easily manage with “yum”. The weird thing is that I have another server with the same config/CentOS
version/Net-Snmp version and I have no issues with the snmp process on that server. I could raise the open file limit but that just seems unnecessary since I don’t think that snmp is supposed to work that way.

Anything else I could try to troubleshoot the issue?