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I recently installed CentOS 7 32-bit on a Dell Latitude 620 and my WiFi doesn’t work. The software setting show me stuck in “Airplane Mode” and I need to activate my WiFi with a “hardware switch” I am new to Linux and need some direction here. I believe the wireless card is an Intel Pro/Wireless 3645A/G.



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  • Not exactly linux-dependent. According to the docs for the Latitude 620 (available on dell dot com), the wireless switch is on the left side. Slide it towards the front, until its raised position indicator is aligned with the I (“off” is aligned with the O). The WiFi power indicator is on the front panel, in a group with about 4 LEDs… the WiFi indicator appears to actually *say* “WiFi” when it’s lit up. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5

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    Thanks for the answer. It worked, not sure how that switch got bumped from the Windows install to the Linux install.