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I posted Friday about this oddity. Now I’ve got more data, and what’s happening is this: if I tell noscript to enable youtube and googlevideo in one tab, not only does it affect *all* tabs, but also affects another browser window opened from the first browser window.

Anyone have any clues for a workaround fix?


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  • I think it is because the entire thing runs as a single process, so the change is global in nature.

    Sorry, no.

    I’ve heard that latest (or maybe soon to come) will have some amount of process separation, though not necessarily every tab/window.

  • On Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 04:48:28PM -0500, m.roth@5-cent.us wrote

    Generally, any change you make in a profile affects all tabs/windows opened by that profile. A workaround is to have a separate profile for each website (or group of websites) that you visit a lot. I’ve got over
    20 profiles in Pale Moon ( a Firefox fork ) which still operates similarly to Firefox. Your program launcher/menubar would need to have entries corresponding to the separate profiles e.g.

    firefox -new-instance -p google firefox -new-instance -p slashdot firefox -new-instance -p wordpress firefox -new-instance -p youtube

    etc, etc.