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Do CentOS 7 installs not automatically use a closest mirror for installing like Fedora does, or is that due to the way I’m starting the install (virt-install)?


I’m trying to find the best way to do installs using basic local media
(network install, but *without* the need to download the squashfs.img for every install) but without a full local mirror. On Fedora (25), it works fine using a local boot.iso (virt-install -l), but with CentOS 7 you then have to manually enter a repository URL.

I also tried a local kernel/pxeboot tree with LiveOS/squashfs.img
(the latter similar to Fedora’s install.img?) with no result.


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  • Yes but .. closest mirror only gets as detailed as per country.

    If you want to add a local mirror to that, then a yum config file change to add a baseurl to the repo file would be required. Then fastestmirror would pick the fastest from mirrorlist (10-15 listed machines per country) and the added local mirror, which would always be fastest unless it was offline, etc.

  • Hi,

    Maybe my question was not clear: the problem is that the install (when doing a virt-install with boot.iso) does not choose a mirror at all. It just requires that you *explicitly* specify an install URL and it shows an error for “Installation Source” till you have done so.

    It works ok if you add (via virt-install’s –extra-args) inst.repo and/or use a kickstart file (inst.ks) with an “url” directive.