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I dunno if this ours, or an upstream enhancement, but I was just rebuilding a 6.5 box with 7. I selected custom formatting.

1. It seems to autoselect *ALL* drives. I would strongly argue that it should *only* select the first drive, or whichever is already bootable. That could be disastrous if someone doesn’t notice they’re all selected.
2. There’s NO BACK BUTTON once you get into the select mount points, etc, screen. The only way back seems to be a reboot.


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  • Yes, imagine connected to your large data filesystems.

    Or worse yet, you have a data center power down PXE for some reason is set on all switches as the first choice

    and any mounted filesystem might get wiped…

  • I had an assistant a while back; he set up small server, and first boot choice was from first hard drive, second was pxe that was starting fresh system build (wiping all drives,…). He never changed that after the system was initially built with kickstart. Why, if it will always boot from the drive, right? One day on boot (upon reboot into updated kernel, I
    guess) system drive timed out… and his production box was wiped ;-). I
    bet he never leaves things like that since.


    Of course, we recovered all we needed to recover. My plan is: I have a good backup ;-)

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