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Oddity: rsync *should* be recursing, and dealing with very large number of files. It works, going from box a to box b. But when I try to back b up to c, it fails, 100%, complaining of “out of hashtable space [sender]”. I’ve tried adding -r, and changing –delete to –delete-delay, and no joy.

All boxes are current, or fairly current, CentOS 7.

Anyone got any thoughts on the matter?


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  • The only thing I know of that’s likely to cause rsync to run out of memory is when there are a huge number of hard links and you are using the “-H”
    option to preserve them. (If you think you don’t have many, look under
    /var/lib/yum/yumdb and /usr/share/zoneinfo.)

    And FYI, rsync doesn’t do a very good job of preserving hard links when going to a destination that already has some of the files. It doesn’t break any existing hard links at the destination, so you can end up with a hard link topology that is somewhat different from the source. I have to run some very messy audits to make sure all copies of my backups have the same arrangement of hard-linked files.

  • If you’re using -H, rsync has to keep a table of all of the files and inode/device number combinations. It’ll actually consume *more* memory if you have a smaller number of hard-linked files.