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We’ve just started to try to configure a new CentOS 7 disk server, and NFS seems OK so far, but I’m having problems with smb mounts to a Mac OS X client.

I have the [homes] section as usual, and some additional shares restricted to specific users, but none seem to work. I know I’m authenticating OK (both from the smbd logs and because when I type the wrong password the Mac’s behavior is different), but in no case can I see any files. The Mac gets as far as creating a mount point and opening a blank Finder window, but it’s completely empty, and when I try to select the server in the Finder sidebar it says “Connection failed” and shows a “Connect As” button, which just initiates another login/mount dialog window.

I don’t know what configuration bits are important, so I’m not sure what to include with this message. I do know that I have things set up very similarly to our previous CentOS 6 smb server, and that one seems to work fine.

If anyone has gotten such a configuration working, or has any suggestions as to what options in the smb.conf file to focus on, I’d appreciate any clues.


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  • Only Mac clients are affected? Have you tested a Linux (e.g. Fedora 25
    live OS would do) client?

    It’s necessary for all files to have selinux context system_u:object_r:samba_share_t:s0. You can either user chcon -R to apply it recursively to a particular directory you’re sharing, or if it’s an entire (dedicated) volume, you can apply it volume wide with a mount option, ‘mount -o context=”system_u:object_r:samba_share_t:s0″
    /dev/mapper/brick /brick’

    I’m not doing anything different for my Mac client than for a Linux one, at least not that I’m aware of; however I’m using samba-4.5.3
    since I’m using Fedora 25 server. It may be that older versions need to force a lower version of SMB depending on which Mac client you’re using.

    Chris Murphy