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when I plug an external disk (USB3) of mine, I get this ‘Unable to mount /mnt/storage10’ alert:

Error mounting system-managed device /dev/sda1: Command-line `mount “/mnt/storage10″‘ exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: /dev/sda1 is already mounted or /mnt/storage10 busy
/dev/sda1 is already mounted on /mnt/storage10

And it’s right, /mnt/storage10 has just been mounted (by root):

# mount
/dev/sda1 on /mnt/storage10 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,seclabel,data=ordered)

as it’s defined in /etc/fstab:
/dev/disk/by-id/usb-TOSHIBA_External_USB_3.0_20140807009490F-0:0-part1 /mnt/storage10 auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 0

Question is: why are there 2 concurrent mount attempts? The user one fails. I will need the root password to unmount. I’d prefer the user mount to proceed, BTW.

Other USB disks behave the same here. For every single USB disk I need, once I’ve mounted it the first time, I’ve edited the mount options in the gnome-disk-utility and set it to be automatically mounted and
“Mount at startup” and “Show in user interface” to true.

Any hint, there?